Digimon LEGO Build Brings MetalGarurumon to Life

Digimon is making a solid comeback this year, and one fan has taken it to the next level with a LEGO tribute to a fan-favorite monster. Back in the day, fans found themselves warring over whether Agumon or Gabumon suited them the best. These lead Digimon were impossible to avoid if you were a fan of the franchise then, so one LEGO lover decided to bring Gabumon's best evolution to life with lots of blocks.

The build went live on Reddit thanks to the user StartsWithItalics. The Digimon fan decided to go through their stock of LEGOs, and it was there they found enough piece to make their own Garurumon. And to be precise, this is not any old version of the Digimon; This is MetalGarurumon at his finest!

You can see the custom build below, and its minimalist design has fans impressed. Garurumon's slender body is brought to life with some blue and grey blocks. A red piece brings out the Digimon's nose and there are eye pieces to match. Finally, MetalGarurumon is rocking some yellow highlights on his back and shoulders which complete his canon-friendly look.

Here's Lego MetalGarurumon from r/digimon

This LEGO makeover is certainly impressive, and it is one of several which this fan has done. Most recently, StartsWithItalics brought WarGreymon to life with his stock pieces, and it turns out the Digimon fan has plans for more. When asked by a fellow fan if they had plans to build Omnimon, the creator had this to say:

"Originally he wasn't part of the plans, but I'm definitely considering it after this first batch of Season 1 Digimon -- to include with them. I'm not really sure who to do after them though, but I'm 100% doing more. I'm considering the first Season 2 Armor forms."


As for me, well - I am hoping we see Angemon before too long. The evolution is one of the most iconic in the original series, and it would certainly be a challenge to build. So here's to hoping Patamon comes through for us all!

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