Digimon Meets Animal Crossing in Adorable Mash-Up

When it comes to pop culture, any number of franchises can be thriving, but there are two old-school ones living for a comeback nowadays. It wasn't long ago Nintendo got fans buzzing with a Direct dedicated to Animal Crossing's new game. In Japan, Digimon is also rousing hype thanks to its latest film, and one fan decided it was time the two throwback franchises came together for a special cause.

Over on Reddit, an artist known as sindorman posted a poster which has fans geeking out. The Digimon lover decides to imagine the anime's top monsters as neighbors from the Animal Crossing universe... and we are kinda in love.

"With the new Digimon movie and the new Animal Crossing both dropping in March, I wanted to try making a mash up two of my favorite franchises," the fan wrote.

With the new Digimon movie and the new Animal crossing both dropping in March, I wanted to try making a mash up two of my favorite franchises ☺️ from r/digimon

As you can see above, the crossover is pretty much perfect. The top-left square features Greymon in all of his helmeted glory, and Animal Crossing will know that fiery black shirt from anywhere.

The rest of the catalog continues with Garurumon. The wolfish partner fits in well with Animal Crossing, and he certainly comes off more cute than scary in this makeover. The same can be said for the entire Digimon line up as Patamon, Gatomon, Lillymon, and more are given rather adorable reskins.


Of course, fans of the franchises are hoping such a collaboration might exist one day. Animal Crossing has never bought into such a partnership before despite the pleas of Pokemon fans. With Digimon hosting a comeback, new requests are coming in by the day for Animal Crossing, and fan-art like this only makes the mash up even more desirable.

What do you make of this Animal Crossing crossover? Which of these neighbors would you like to welcome to your town? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!