Digimon Thieves Caught Allegedly Reselling Cards to Looted Store

Trading cards may be a simple hobby to some, but for others, it is their biggest passion. From [...]

Trading cards may be a simple hobby to some, but for others, it is their biggest passion. From Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh, there are tons of trading cards to invest in, and Digimon is on the rise these days. But over in Australia, one store found itself stunned when two men who stole from its card collection tried to resell them later in the day.

According to ABC AU, the ordeal happened recently when two men entered a business in Adelaide and attempt to sell several Digimon cards. It was there shop attendants noticed the men looked familiar, and they were identified as part of a group who broke into the store when it was closed. The thieves stole a "large number of rare Digimon trading cards" as well as some board games before leaving.

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The police state two of those robbers came back to the same store later that afternoon once it had opened. The pair tried to sell several of the cards they had stolen, but the staff called the police shortly after. The authorities located the men at a nearby house, and the rest of the store's stolen goods were found inside.

According to the report, five people have been arrested in this case with one still being sought after. The suspects, who range from 28 to 41, are being carted with counts of criminal trespass, unlawful possession, and more. The case is still ongoing, and no trial has been set for the alleged perpetrators.

Given how hot the trading card market is at the moment, these criminals did pick a valuable target. However, the sheer audacity of everything in this case is wild. Over in the United States, shipping delays and shortages have prompted Pokemon cards to fly up in price with resellers charging $100+ for packs amidst the pandemic. Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon could get there one day, so this sort of crime is sadly timely. But luckily, this looted shop got justice even if it happened in the most unexpected of ways.

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