Dr. Stone Creator Shares New Message Following Manga's Finale

Dr. Stone fans have known the manga was on a crash course with its finale for weeks, but even still, fans were not prepared to bid the series farewell today. After all, the manga has put out its last chapter, and all eyes are on the manga's heroes to see where they will go from here. It is clear the manga's creators put a lot of thought into the finale, and of course, fans have questions about the ending. So now, they will be glad to know its writer is now speaking out about the closing.

The update came straight from Twitter as Riichiro Inagaki addressed his fans. The author, along with the artist Boiichi, has spent years bringing Dr. Stone to life with weekly installments. As their final chapter has now been released, Inagaki wanted to thank fans, and he did just that.

"With the latest release of Shonen Jump today, Dr. Stone has reached the end of its story," the author shared online. "Thank you for your patronage and support these past five years. And it's not over yet! It's going to continue on! I have a lot of words of gratitude to share. First of all, to the readers who supported us, thank you!!"

Clearly, Inagaki is beyond grateful for the love Dr. Stone earned in its time, and there is still more to come. The manga might have wrapped today, but the same cannot be said for the Dr. Stone anime. There is still quite a lot of ground for the show to cover, and it won't be long before Dr. Stone returns to television.

If you did not know, the anime's second season went live last spring, and a third season is set to debut in 2023. A special is currently in production to tide fans over until season three, and Dr. Stone: Ryusui will be a treat for fans everywhere. Currently, the project is slated to drop in July 2022, and fans will be able to stream the special over on Crunchyroll.

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