Dragon Ball: Are Angels Made of Divine Energy?

Is it possible that the angels in Dragon Ball Super are made in divine energy? There have been a [...]

Is it possible that the angels in Dragon Ball Super are made in divine energy? There have been a ton of questions that have popped up ever since Dragon Ball first introduced the idea of a multiverse to its franchise. Not only was there eleven other universes outside of the one we see all the time, but there were a set of divine beings apart from the Kais we had seen in the franchise prior. But while we have seen some more lore about the Gods of Destruction and how they operate, the angels by their side are still a huge mystery.

There's a chance that we got a huge clue as to how they exist in the first place as the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc not only revealed an angel that was in-training before being assigned to a God of Destruction, but that an angel that breaks the laws around them will fade away from existence. Now how would that be possible? Maybe they are made entirely of divine energy!

It's always been apparent that the angels are on a whole different plane of existence than mortals (even more so when the angels were the only thing left as part of the erased universes), but it seems like they are built different from the inside out. Merus' disappearance was our first real clue into this as he faded away as soon as he broke one of the angel laws, and Chapter 66 of the series had the Grand Priest calling Whis and Beerus to ask about it.

Dragon Ball Super Grand Priest Angels
(Photo: Toei Animation)

If Merus was made out of divine energy, then it stands to reason that it's why the Grand Priest was able to figure out Merus "poofed" so quickly. Because this raises another question as well because how do the angels come to existence in the first place? Are they maybe even crafted by the Grand Priest (or an even higher power) from divine energy? Merus threw a wrench into what little we know about the angels and their extended hierarchy, so it's time for the series to start answering some questions.

With Goku officially achieving divine power as recognized by a divine being like Whis, perhaps this will move him into a territory that the series will be able to explore and flesh out the lore behind the divine beings that exist in the multiverse. But what do you think? Could the angels be made out of divine energy? Who created them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!