Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Gives Kefla a Gritty Glow-up

It comes as little surprise, but Dragon Ball is a big thing for Saiyans. The franchise has been preoccupied with the warrior race since the beginning, and it has touted heroes like Goku without even knowing their true origin. Nowadays, the legacy of the Saiyan race is felt far and wide. Dragon Ball Super made that fact even more clear when Universe 6 was introduced with its own unique race of Saiyans. Fighters like Cabba and Caulifla showed fans what kind of potential the Saiyans have outside of Universe 7, and one fan decided to honor one of the Saiyans' newer fusions with a gritty cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the cosplayer dima_batalov_ sparked interest in Kefla after posting a photo of themselves as the fusion. The fan, who has become known for their love of Dragon Ball, decided to tone down Kefla in this new look for something very realistic.

You can check out the Dragon Ball cosplay above in all of its robust glory. Dima is shown posing atop to large rocks while dressed up as Kefla. The heroine is pictured in their base form, and it is rather refreshing to see this version as opposed to the Super Saiyan look we're used to.

In order to bring Kefla to life, Dima is wearing a distressed red crop top with structure shoulders. The top pairs with some skinny pants made of the same material. The pants are noticeably more distressed than the top, and they are stuccoed into Kefla's gold-and-black boots.


Clearly, Dima is a rocking this Kefla look, and fans are excited to see more of the fan's looks from Dragon Ball. The Russian cosplayer is killing it where Saiyans are concerned, so maybe it is time for Dima to tackle Freeza next.

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