Dragon Ball Shares Peek at One Villain's New Look

Dragon Ball knows what it takes to overhaul a character and their entire look. From Bulma to Gohan and beyond, every character in the franchise seems to have undergone at least one transformation. Even Goku has been privy to such changes with his power boosts, and it seems a new makeover is in store for one villain.

After all, it is about time Demigra got a bit of an upgrade. The villain might reside firmly in Dragon Ball Heroes, but his devilish aspirations deserve a new look every now and again.

For those curious about the baddie's new look, fans got a peek at it during a recent update on Dragon Ball Heroes. A new World Mission is coming for the franchise in honor of its tenth anniversary. This means it will not be long before Demigra shows up in the PR anime once more, and fans were shown his new character design.

You can see the design up above in all of his blue-and-red splendor. Much of Demigra looks the same as his red hair is styled the same as ever, and he is wearing a golden headpiece. The biggest change with Demigra here comes with his top as it looks more utilitarian than before.

The most noticeable addition comes with Demigra's metal shoulder pads. The armor is lined with gold accents, and there are two chains linking the shoulder pieces across this chest. It also seems the design on his tunic has changed. The mock neck top has been given a simpler look that suits the ornate pads sitting atop Demigra's shoulders.


Clearly, Demigra is looking fancier than ever before these days, and fans are curious why he has opted for this look. Netizens are convinced the devilish villain has made strides towards his next plan, and it will fall to Goku and company to stop the nefarious plot once again.

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