Dragon Ball Promises to Tackle a Gap in Saiyan Lore Soon

Dragon Ball has gone over a lot of world-building in its time, but there are still tons of questions out there with fans. From the history of Earth to the Angels, it seems like the fan theories never stop. Of course, one of the biggest points of speculation came with the Super Saiyan God's identity, and Dragon Ball did answer it. And now, it seems another part of that lore is ready to be looked over.

The whole situation comes courtesy of Dragon Ball Heroes, a side story set in the franchise. The series, which is considered by most to be non-canon, has been busy this year with its anime. It seems the series is about to toe into the history of Evil Saiyans, and if that term sounds familiar, good. It should be.

If you will recall, the Super Saiyan God was outed a while back, and his name is Yamoshi. The fighter was an ancient Saiyan with a righteous heart who Beerus had a premonition about while dreaming. Back in the day, the story goes that Yamoshi died while fighting against a rebellion of Evil Saiyans who we know little about. And now, fans might learn about the whole ordeal.

Dragon Ball Heroes makes no promise is referencing the Super Saiyan God, but it does call out its upcoming Evil Saiyans. Cumber has dipped into that power once before, and Turles will do so too. Up until now, the corrupt power given to Evil Saiyans has been a mystery, but fans are hoping more is revealed about their origins soon.

Most importantly, the note about Evil Saiyans has answered a question about Goku. When the hero went Super Saiyan God, Cumber knew the form already, so fans are curious if he fought Yamoshi all those years ago. And if he did, well - the villain just got way more interesting. As far as we know, Cumber is a hugely powerful fighter, but there was no way to foresee this kind of history. So if you want to give the Saiyan this background, we cannot blame you!


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