Dragon Ball Artist Revives King Piccolo with Throwback Art

Dragon Ball fans aren't ones to turn down a gift when it is presented, so you can see why they ate up a little surprise passed onto them by one of the manga's artists. Thanks to the man, fans were given a special throwback to Goku's big fight with King Piccolo which tested his character in all sorts of ways. The artwork was posted on Twitter by Dragon Garow Lee, and the colorful piece is worthy of all the praise it has received.

As you can see down below, the sketch showcases Goku and King Piccolo fighting. The pair met face to face for this battle towards the end of Dragon Ball, and it tested everything Goku knew up to that point. After having been trained by Master Roshi, Son Goku knew he was a prodigal martial artist, but Namekians are on a whole other level than humans. But in the end, Goku was able to take down King Piccolo and reshape the tyrant's future by befriending his reincarnation.

In order to pay homage to the trio, Lee decided to focus on the pair and do them up with bright colors. King Piccolo can be seen in a rich shade of blue, purple, and green hues. The poor baddie even has veins straining on his forehead from exertion, and Goku look plenty terse on his part.

The young boy comes to life in a muted orange Gi that matches with his blue accessories. The hero is seen landing a hard kick on King Piccolo's forearm, and fans of the Saiyan know how powerful that hit must be even though Goku is a kid.


This sort of throwback is just the thing fans wanted to kick off the month, and it is easy to understand why. Goku is so often remembered as an adult in Dragon Ball Z but his journey as a boy in Dragon Ball is just as important. And thanks to Lee, plenty of fans are revisiting that history for once if not for the first time.

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