Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Official Reason Why Zeno Didn't Interfere in Hearts and Fu Battles

A producer of the Dragon Ball series has recently answered a question that many had wondered when [...]

A producer of the Dragon Ball series has recently answered a question that many had wondered when the spin off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes had hit: "What was Zeno up to when Fu and Hearts were attacking the Z Fighters?". With the tiny powerhouse being one of the most bizarre additions to the Dragon Ball Super series, it left many viewers wondering what was more important than stopping plans to not only change the universe, but take Zeno's life to boot. Luckily, we have been given our in-depth, albeit ridiculous, answer to what the ruler of everything was up to!

Hearts and Fu have been two of the biggest villains in the Dragon Ball spin-off, though the characters and their ultimate motives could not be more different. The latter is a mad scientist from the "Dark Demon Dimension" who has been running insane experiments in order to get revenge for his family that was destroyed by the "Xeno" versions of the Z Fighters in the Dragon Ball Heroes series. Hearts on the other hand wasn't trying to get revenge for lost family members, but was rather attempting to "free mortals" from the control of Zeno. With these two villains attempting to change the universe to their whims, where was the strongest being in the universe?

Dragon Ball Producer Higuchi Wataru shared the ridiculous revelation, which was translated by Twitter User Lightning446, that Zeno was unable to do battle with either Fu or Hearts in Super Dragon Ball Heroes because he had been called to an "emergency game of Hide 'N Seek", which clearly came as a priority to the child like ruler above all things:

Zeno has been a big new part of the Dragon Ball series, presenting the new dynamic of hierarchy within the world of the gods. As he, and his alternate reality counterpart, became friends with Goku, the Gods of Destruction from all universes still feared and respected the pint sized powerhouse!

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