Dragon Ball Super: Could Beerus Use Hakai on Moro?

Dragon Ball Super's Planet Eater Moro has presented Goku and Vegeta with a number of challenges. The more they fight, the stronger Moro gets, and the stronger Moro gets, the more magical abilities he begins to reveal. In his ten million years of living in the seventh universe, there's a good chance that Moro has not only seen the Gods of Destruction before but maybe has even confronted them. As Moro reveals just how many counters and contingency plans his magic gives him with each fight, could be be destroyed by something like Hakai?

Moro revealed that he has experience with godly ki as Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign taps into this power, and his magic has shown to impact this kind of ki as well. So with that in mind, does his absorbing ability also have an effect on the Hakai technique? Or does it come down to the exact kind of ki the Gods tap into?

From what we know about Hakai at the moment, it's a technique used by the Gods of Destruction to utterly "destroy" without a shred of remainder. Examples have seen it act as a complete erasure with boulders, Zamasu, and more just being erased from existence. It's a much more clean fate than death as there currently seems to be no coming back from the Hakai technique.

But while this is a special technique used by the Destroyers, it is also based in ki. It's a special ki summoned by the Destroyers, but as shown through fighters like Toppo, it's a ki that can be accessed through training much like Goku's Ultra Instinct. So if the Ultra Instinct ki can be absorbed by Moro (as seen through Goku's first fight against the villain in the form), does that mean the Hakai technique could be eaten in the same way?


Beerus hasn't done much in the series since his explosive debut, and the first argument you can make for this is the fact that Beerus would end things quickly with a single Hakai use. But if Hakai turns out to be a technique that uses something other that ki, or the godly ki that Ultra Instinct taps into, then it's going to be a move that Beerus could use against Goku and Earth's Z Fighters in the future.

But what do you think? Would Hakai work against Moro? Could Moro eat Hakai before it erases him? How would a fight between Beerus and Moro go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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