Dragon Ball Goes Viral Over One of Goku's Best and Priciest Figures Yet

Dragon Ball is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and its fans will shell out quite a bit to praise their favorite hero. For most fans, that fight is none other than Goku, and he has the merch to prove it. Over the years, thousands of Goku figures have hit the market, but one is going viral right now thanks to its insane price tag.

The whole thing began when Twitter user NortFX hit up followers with a wild find. The graphic designer posted a photo of a Goku resin statue being handled by Blue Sky Studio. NortFX was blown away by the figure, and it seems much of the anime fandom is feeling the same.

As you can see above, the Goku figure is absolutely gorgeous, and it brings Ultra Instinct Goku to life. The piece gives the Saiyan a samurai form that suits himself surprisingly well. With a cloak dangling over his shoulder, Goku is ripped from head to toe in this form, and fans can find two swords tied to his waist.

The rest of the figure shows Goku rocking some traditional samurai bottoms as he holds his bo staff in hand. The hero is standing atop a statue's head that has fallen to the ground and been reclaimed by nature. This stunning figure only makes Goku appear even more godly, so you can see why so many want it. But if they do, well - they better be willing to pay up.


According to Blue Sky Studios on eBay, this high-grade resin statue will cost quite the pretty penny. The 1/6 scale figure costs about $590 USD no counting shipping or tax. This is not even the most expensive version of this figure. You can get a 1/4 scale figure for even more money but must inquire with the company directly for pricing. So if you happen to have some extra cash lying around, you may want to think about getting this rare collectible.

What do you think of this Dragon Ball figure? Would you pay this kind of cash for Goku...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.