Viral Dragon Ball x Attack on Titan Animation Pits Vegeta Against Eren

One viral Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan crossover animation pits Vegeta against Eren Jeager! The [...]

One viral Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan crossover animation pits Vegeta against Eren Jeager! The Dragon Ball franchise has pit Goku and Vegeta against some of the most powerful foes in an entire multiverse of them, and they have even fought some giants in their time. This is a much different case for Eren in the Attack on Titan franchise who has been forced into a conflict that he wanted no part of. But through his tenacity and some luck, Eren has found the tools to fight back against an entire world that's now aiming for him.

But what would it look like when if the two franchises collided with one another? How would the world of Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan end up meshing? One viral animation from aritst Tom Barkel (who has worked as an animator for series such as Rise of the TMNT) has imagined just that with a take on Vegeta and Eren. It turns out their fight would be super neat for sure. Check it out for yourself below:

If the two franchises did collide with one another, it's hard to imagine that any character in Attack on Titan would be able to match up with Dragon Ball's Vegeta. Even if it was the Vegeta from the Saiyan arc of the series, he'd still be much stronger than Eren or any of the other Titan fighters would be able to match up with. Eren would put up a good fight through sheer tenacity alone, but Vegeta's ki attacks and ability to fly would quickly overwhelm the more grounded type of military fighting in Paradis.

Then again, if Eren were to maybe take Vegeta by surprise there's a chance that he could do some damage because Vegeta tends to give his opponents room to experiment. What do you think? Who would win this fight between Vegeta and Eren? Would any of Attack on Titan's characters stand a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!