Big Sean Explains His Love for Goku and Dragon Ball in New Interview

Son Goku is one of the most iconic characters in anime, and his roots have become ingrained in millions of fans. His tenacious spirit and desire to be the best influenced kids and adults alike decades ago. And as the series continues to grow, so has Goku's sphere of influence. That is why Big Sean has found himself becoming one of Dragon Ball's top supporters, and he admits the Saiyan helped him work through his new album.

During a recent interview, Big Sean - who was born Sean Michael-Leonard Anderson - opened up about his love of animation. It was there the rapper was asked which cartoon hero is his favorite, and Big Sean knew it was Goku right away.

"Probably has to be Goku. I'm obsessed with Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Super. It was more than a hobby growing up, it was my inspiration. I always liked how he pushed his limits and went further. He really relied on the strength from within," the artist told fans. "I connect with it on such a spiritual level."

As you can imagine, Big Sean knows a lot about Dragon Ball, but he did not stop at merely listening to Goku's advice from the anime. The rapper reveals he brought the voice actor of Goku into the studio while he was recording. Sean Schemmel caught the rapper by surprise, and Big Sean wasn't afraid to admit he fanboyed over their introduction. After all, you don't meet Goku every day, and it is something else to hear the Saiyan come from Schemmel's mouth. So if you are going to geek out over Goku, that is a pretty good reason to do so.

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