Dragon Ball: New Report Shows How the Series' Earnings Are Slipping

Dragon Ball knows how to bring in cash, and it has been leading Toei's earnings for years now. The [...]

Dragon Ball knows how to bring in cash, and it has been leading Toei's earnings for years now. The profits spiked following the release of Dragon Ball Super, and it continued to rise until the anime was closed several years back. Now, a new quarter report has been released by the company, and it seems 2020 has continued Dragon Ball Super's decline in profits.

According to the second-quarter report, Dragon Ball is down year over year. The report accounts for money grossed between July and September 2020. The report confirms the franchise made 8.7 billion yen which is an impressive sum. However, that total is less than the 10.8 billion yen that Dragon Ball made in that time frame last year.


To break things down even further, the report shows how much money Toei's series earned in several areas. When it comes to domestic licensing, Dragon Ball was feeling good with 3.46 billion yen. The title came ahead of One Piece at 1.84 billion with Pretty Cute and Saint Seiya following.

As for overseas films, things were definitely lower this year given the ongoing pandemic. A good many movies have had to forego box office runs in the United States and elsewhere overseas. One Piece came out on top this round with 1.6 billion yen while Dragon Ball, Pretty Cure, and Digimon followed suit.

The final area documented overseas licensing, and that is where Dragon Ball shined. The franchise made about 3.7 billion yen while One Piece, Slam Dunk, and Saint Seiya round out the top list.

Clearly, Dragon Ball is on top of its game, but things are sliding for the series. It cannot earn the same amount of money it did when Dragon Ball Super was airing weekly. This has led fans to renew their hopes in a new anime for the series. But as things stand so far, no such series has been teased or announced by Toei.

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HT - Ethan Law (ArchedThunder)