This Sexy Dragon Ball Cosplay Ages Up Bulma's Playboy Bunny Look

While never really engaging in 'fisticuffs' in the series, Bulma is responsible for a LOT when it [...]

While never really engaging in "fisticuffs" in the series, Bulma is responsible for a LOT when it comes to the Dragon Ball series. Essentially the "Steve Jobs" of the DB universe, Bulma helped to create the Capsule Corporation, which takes every day items and places them into easy to store "capsules". Using her technology to store any number of items for her friends Goku, Yamcha, and company, Bulma has been a part of the Dragon Ball series since the beginning and one fan decided to show off one of the most "unique" looks for the brilliant technician.

A Reddit User shared this cosplay put together by Enji Night that slaps a bunny costume onto the Dragon Ball fixture:

Bunny Bulma cosplay by Enji Night from r/dbz

The original Dragon Ball series was quite different from its successors, Z and Super. Focusing more originally on adventure, Bulma joined forces with Goku, who she met on a deserted road following the death of his Grandpa Gohan. Shockingly enough, the first time that Bulma met the young Saiyan, she shot him in the face. Luckily for her, and us, her attempted murder wasn't successful as the bullet bounced off Son Goku and the two somehow became fast friends.

Dragon Ball Bunny
(Photo: Funimation)

Bulma originally wore the bunny costume, thanks in part to the lecherous minds of the shape shifting pig Oolong and the perverted martial arts master, Roshi. When her clothes are ruined during an adventure, Oolong gives her the "only clothing available" in the form of this "Playboy Bunny" outfit that would make Hugh Hefner blush. Dragon Ball, more so than any of the other anime series, tended to focus on the comedic aspects of this strange world versus the hand to hand combat side of things.

We have to wonder how Vegeta would have handled seeing Bulma in this ridiculous outfit and whether the two would have gotten together in the first place if he had. Considering that Trunks was one of the saviors of the world during the Android/Cell saga, this outfit could have very well meant the destruction of the Earth!

What do you think of this cosplay showing the "lepus" side of the president of Capsule Corporation? Should this outfit make a resurgence somehow for Bulma in the Dragon Ball Super series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!

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