This Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Perfectly Nails Goku's Super Saiyan Hair

Dragon Ball fans know Goku isn’t the kind of guy to worry about style, but that doesn’t mean [...]

Dragon Ball fans know Goku isn't the kind of guy to worry about style, but that doesn't mean the Saiyan is out of fashion. Despite favoring a bright orange gi for everyday wear, the hero is one of shonen's most easily cosplayed characters, but there are fans who take the look to the next level.

And thanks to one detail-oriented fan, netizens know it is very possible to do Goku and his Super Saiyan hair justice.

Over on Imgur, a cosplay photo of Son Goku has started circulating the web once more. The image, which can be found below, shows one fan's impressive cosplay complete with a well-styled Super Saiyan wig.

One of the best male cosplay i've ever seen.

Dragon Ball fans will know how important it is to nail Super Saiyan hair if you're cosplaying Goku, but the hairdo is a tricky one to pull off. Not only does the style defy gravity, but its blond hue is hard to get right. It is almost impossible to keep the hair upright for a whole day, but the cosplay above proves enough hair spray can work wonders.

The fan appears to be wearing a long blond wig for this look, but it is layered just so to make Goku's Super Saiyan hair pop. A mixture of dried gel and hairspray are keeping the hairdo upright, and this cosplay went an extra mile teasing the hair. Rather than done in chunks, this Super Saiyan wig has various tendrils reaching sky high which give the cosplay a more natural look. All this attention to detail combined with the cosplayer's canon-accurate physique make for an impressive cosplay. All it takes is one look at the fan's ripped abs to see how they must channel Goku even at the gym, and netizens admit this resurfaced cosplay is one of the best they've seen of Goku to date.

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