The Creator of Dragon Ball Doesn't Know Where Gohan Should go in The Future

Dragon Ball first introduced Gohan as a toddler, being introduced in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z and going on to become one of the strongest members of the Z-Fighters. With Son Gohan becoming the first fighter to reach Super Saiyan 2 and also forge a new transformation for himself during the Buu Saga known as "Mystic" or "Ultimate Gohan", Akira Toriyama has a new transformation in the cards for the hybrid Saiyan/Human brawler but might be stumped as to where to take him next.   

The next chapter in Dragon Ball Super's anime will feature not just the return of the Red Ribbon Army, but will also introduce a bevy of new characters that are working toward achieving the goals of the criminal organization, with the likes of Dr. Hedo, Gamma 1, and Gamma 2 being just a few examples. On top of this, it's been revealed that a major villain from Dragon Ball's past is set to make a big return, looking to put Piccolo and Gohan and their new transformations to the test.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Shonen franchise who came up with the idea for Super Hero, took the opportunity to dive into Son Gohan's "Beast Form", its creation, and how he is wondering what form he could give the son of Goku were he to go even further beyond:

"For the design, I tried drawing him with a scary face and place skin, but somehow this didn't feel like Gohan. So instead I just gave him the usual big upturned hair, which went over surprisingly well. Everyone said "It looks so cool!", which actually made me feel humbly grateful. Frankly, I'm not sure what sort of design I should use if I ever transform him even further." 

With neither Gohan nor Piccolo having any sort of roles in the Granolah The Survivor Arc, the current saga taking place in Dragon Ball Super's manga, it's anyone's guess as to when we will see Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo make a comeback, though the creative team behind Super Hero has confirmed that they are already working a new animated project for the future. 


Via Herms98