Dragon Ball Fan-Art Gives Vegeta a Prehistoric Makeover

The Saiyan race is one that is rooted in "prehistory" with the warriors' strength being rooted in their ape-like origins and one fan has decided to call upon the world of Akira Toriyama to give the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, a new makeover that elicits the early days of the franchise. As fans of Dragon Ball know, the world created by Toriyama is one that is populated not only by alien races, but with an Earth that has dinosaurs and other strange creatures travelling within it and this fan art does a perfect job of mimicking the manga of the franchise.

Vegeta has been insanely popular recently, thanks in part to his role in the latest story arc of Dragon Ball Super, wherein the prince of the Saiyans has learned some insane new techniques. Battling against the ancient wizard known as Moro, who has the ability to absorb energy from both opponents and entire planets, Vegeta took part in some much needed training on the Planet Yardrat. Yardrat, as fans know, is the same world that taught Goku how to use the teleporting technique of Instant Transmission, and it also gave Vegeta the ability of "Forced Spirit Fission" which allows him to essentially undo any fusion or energy absorbing techniques. Though Moro has discovered a way past this, fans are still hoping that Vegeta will win the day.

This Twitter Artist took a page from the manga covers of Dragon Ball drawn by Akira Toriyama in the past and imagined what Vegeta might look like were he to find a new method of transportation in the form of a dinosaur that he rides on top of as if it were a motorcycle:

Vegeta has long been one of the most complicated characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, easily becoming a fan favorite thanks in part to his personality and overall strength. Following his initial visit to Earth where he was a straight up antagonist, the Saiyan Prince eventually found a family for himself on Earth with Bulma and Trunks, still continuing his quest to become stronger than his rival, Son Goku.

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