Dragon Ball FighterZ Welcomes Roshi with a Dragon Ball GT Reference

Dragon Ball FighterZ is thought of by many to be the greatest video game entry in the long running Akira Toriyama franchise, and with the addition of the stalwart character of Master Roshi being added to its roster, fans have managed to find a subtle Easter Egg that hints at the "black sheep" of the series in Dragon Ball GT! Though GT has been making a resurgence thanks in part to the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes using the Super Saiyan 4 transformation in its episodes, this is quite the nod to the outside of continuity anime!

Dragon Ball Grand Tour was released in 1996, having premiered decades before the franchise made its return with Dragon Ball Super. Following Goku, who was turned back into a child thanks to a wish gone wrong on the Dragon Balls, his granddaughter Pan, and the current version of Trunks, the trio traversed the universe in a bid to collect the Dark Dragon Balls to save existence. The end of the anime saw Goku being taken away by Shenron, saying his goodbyes to the world of Saiyans and humans he leaves behind, and in this Dragon Ball FighterZ easter egg, it's clear that Roshi is mentioning that finale.

Twitter User KillaFoe shared the Dragon Ball FighterZ GT reference that was delivered by Master Roshi in one of his victory monologues, showing how the video game is able to add a level of uniqueness to every fighter that is a part of the cast of this legendary entry:

Roshi has had a significant role to play in Dragon Ball Super, being brought on to the team of fighters protecting Universe 7, proving himself despite his lower power level versus the likes of Super Saiyans. With the latest story line of the series in the manga also giving Roshi a role to play in the war against Moro, it's clear that the elderly teacher of Goku and Krillin will continue to be a part of the Akira Toriyama franchise moving forward.


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