Dragon Ball Super: Everything We Learned From Manga Chapter 64 Preview

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 64 preview pages have appeared online, and there's quite a bit that they reveal. Chapter 63 saw the angel/Galactic Patrolman Merus step up and protect Earth from new villain Moro, long enough for Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z-Fighters to get a much-needed recharge. However, in using his true angelic powers to hold Moro at bay and seal away some of his unstoppable powers, Merus sacrificed himself to erasure from existence, for violating Angelic Law. The death of his latest mentor sent Goku into emotional overdrive, and right into the full power of Ultra Instinct!

Here's the translation of the panels, by DBS Chronicles:

"Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 "Son Goku, the Galactic Patrolman" Draft Pages Jaco wonders if Merus is really dead. Goku is trying to be calm. Beerus & Whis wonder if Goku can control his emotions. #DragonBallSuper #dbspoilers

Goku says he's not alone in this fight. First Vegeta came to their aid, then Dende and now Merus' sacrifice. Goku asks Jaco why he joined Galactic Patrol. He says it was to protect Universe. Goku thinks Merus had the same thought. Goku tells Moro that he'll carry on Merus' will."

As you can see in the artwork, Goku is struggling to keep the level of emotional control needed to maintain a fully-powered and stable version of Ultra Instinct. The emotional eruption over Merus' death that sparked the limit break isn't enough; Goku needs to actually find a thought to center on, which will allow him the serenity and control needed to properly wield Ultra Instinct. He seems to find that calming, centering, thought in the idea of carrying on Merus' work as a universal defender. It's good timing, too: Moro is seen recovering from the injuries he suffered, ready to start the battle anew.

Dragon Ball Super drops a lot of telling developments in this scene. Fans saw Goku's rage-induced Ultra Instinct achievement as a copy of his first Super Saiyan transformation, but this makes it distinctly different. In many ways, this scene and story arc are both geared to having Goku and/or Vegeta evolve as characters. Goku is evolving from fight addict into choosing to be a true-blue hero and defender of the universe, while Vegeta has stepped out of Goku's shadow to develop his own new powers and might.


Could this be Dragon Ball Super's final arc? We'll soon know. But the series could use some big changes in order to prosper in the modern anime market.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.