Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Gogeta's Feud with Vegito

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans are rarely scared to shoutout their favorite fighter, but things can get confusing when fusions are brought into the mix. During the days of Dragon Ball Z, the fusion technique as fans know it was debuted, and it introduced us to Vegito and Gogeta. And thanks to one artist, they have decided to test how the two fusions would fare in a fight with one another.

Over on Twitter, the artist limandao hit up fans with a recent drawing they did of Goku and Vegeta. Or in this case, of Vegito and Gogeta. The mind-bending poster pits the fusions against one another, and it seems like they are pretty evenly matched.

To the lefthand side, Gogeta can be found throwing a punch midair while in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Vegito can be found on the other side with his arms crossed and leg stretched out to block the punch. In fact, Vegito looks a bit cocky here as he stares down Gogeta, but the other fusion is nothing but focused.

Of course, this match-up is one that fans have long speculated about. Such a showdown would require two versions of Goku and Vegeta to be around, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes could do this easily with its Xeno heroes. If the alternate universe pair got a hold of the Potara earrings, it is possible for this match to happen as shown.


As for who would win, that is up to you to decide. The fusion technique inherently multiplies the joint power of whoever is fusing. When that is Goku and Vegeta, you can see why their fusions are so strong. However, the debate over which of these Dragon Ball fusions is stronger rages on, so we're leaving it up to you to decide your victor!

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