New ‘Dragon Ball’ Merch Shows Off Goku And Chi-Chi's Wedding

It’s been years since Goku and Chi-Chi tied the knot, but some fans are still fawning over the nuptials. The low-key wedding took place just before Dragon Ball Z began, and merch about the moment continues to be pumped out. So, it is no surprise to see some new Dragon Ball Super capitalize on the wedding.

Recently, a flood of new anime merchandising was announced in the lead-up to Jump Festa this month. Dragon Ball Super was no different as the franchise shared tons of new goodies including a collection of collectible placards. However, any Goku x Chi-Chi shipper will find the money to get these pricey exclusives.

As you can see below, Dragon Ball Super’s new merch line includes a standee of Goku and Chi-Chi getting hitched. The pair are seen standing side by side in their formal attire, and Goku looks surprised to see Chi-Chi holding on to his arm so tightly. The girl, on the other hand, simple looks enamored with her newly wedded husband.

dragon ball merch
(Photo: Toei Animation )

Of course, the romantic piece isn’t the only collectible being offered. Fans can also nab special merch featuring Ultra Instinct Goku, Majin Vegeta, Super Saiyan Trunks, Freeza, SS4 Gogeta, and even Super Mr. Satan. After all, the latter fighter deserves to dream, you know?


If you do not remember much of Goku and Chi-Chi’s wedding, you simply need to revisit Dragon Ball. The original anime ended its final episode with the pair’s nuptials. After rescuing Chi-Chi’s home, Goku and the heroine get married with the Ox-King overseeing the couple. Chi-Chi wears a fluffy gown passed down to her by her mother, and Goku cannot help but chuckle nervously when Chi-Chi saddles up to him on their big day.

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