Dragon Ball's Sean Schemmel Talks Competition with Masako Nozawa

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular action manga and anime series around today, and it's much more of a massive hit than it ever was. This is a big deal for a series celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Dragon Ball Z, and it's especially big deal for those who make it happen like the voice behind Goku's English dubbed voice, Sean Schemmel. Schemmel has been with the series for a long time, and he recently reflected on it with ComicBook.com

But while there's no doubt that Schemmel is synonymous with the role of Goku, fans are equally aware of the Goku's voice actress in the original Japanese version, Masako Nozawa. The two have never competed before, but Schemmel now thinks a bit differently with so many years under both their belts.

As he stated to ComicBook.com, Schemmel opened up about how the recent anniversaries have pushed both actors forward, "This is my 20th anniversary on the show so it's auspicious for myself because it's [Dragon Ball Z's 30th Anniversary] and the 20th and I look at it going 'Oh my God, if there's another 20 anniversary, I'll be 70 by then.'" As for Nozawa, "Masako Nozawa's 82, so I gotta keep up with her. She's still kicking ass, so I feel a little competition from Japan. It's crazy."

Schemmel once opened up about the pressures of playing the character, "There's a certain rabidness and demand from fans that I think is a little unreasonable, but I understand it because I'm passionate about the things I'm passionate about, too...I love the passion and I'm definitely appreciative of the fans and what they're doing and what they say, but just relax a little bit."


Previously speaking about his pressure to fulfill the needs of fans while comparing himself to the original Japanese release, "We're trying the best we can, and Funimation is working hard along with Toei to give the best product for American and English-speaking audiences that we can. And I agonize over every line to this day...Even if I knew it better, I don't know if it would change my pitches and [inflections] because when you have a line of dialogue, there's only so many ways you can say that line. There's only so many ways you can do it."

Even with pressures he might be feeling from Japan, and fans of the series itself, Schemmel is still ready to take on Goku with everything he's got. He even helped out with the world's largest Kamehameha Wave recently!