Dragon Ball Fans Redefine Friendship with These Goku-Vegeta Tattoos

Although Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series had been running for long before, the popularity of the franchise simply exploded when it became Dragon Ball Z. This is the version of the series that made its way around the world first, and it's the version of the franchise that many fans look back to with fond memories. It's not hard to see why though as not only did the action of the franchise kick up a huge new notch, but the ever changing dynamic between Goku and Vegeta kept fans coming back to see how their rivalry would change one another.

It's one of the best anime rivalries turned begrudging friendships (and eventually a full on respect for one another) of all time, and that's not going to be argued by many. That's why seeing a friendship immortalized with this duo just make a ton of sense. Deoto1 has gotten a ton of attention on Reddit for sharing their awesome Goku and Vegeta tattoos with their best friend.

Noting how the two of them have been friends for over 20 years, each one has a Goku and a Vegeta in the midst of a fist bump to commemorate how much the two of them have been through with one another. Fans joked that they probably had to fight over which character they got, but Deoto1 noted that the decision came pretty easily between the two of them. If that's not a great reflection of Goku and Vegeta's long relationship, nothing is!

My best friend for over 20 years and me... 🔥 from r/dbz

Goku and Vegeta's rivalry is often used as a goalpost for many other franchises as their growth is still one of the best pay-offs from the entire franchise. Starting out as bitter enemies, ever since Goku let Vegeta go for the promise of fighting him again someday the two of them continued to clash as Vegeta's inferiority complex continued to bring him into trouble. But fans saw throughout the series, Vegeta learned to appreciate what he has in life and ended up even accepting Goku as a partner and friendly rival.

Would you get Goku and Vegeta tattoos like this with your best friend? If not, which anime rivals turned friends are the best choice for a group tattoo like this? What makes Goku and Vegeta's rivalry turned friendship so special? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!