Dragon Ball Kicks Off Biggest Evil Saiyan Clash Yet

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has taken things up a notch with its latest episode, throwing in everything and the kitchen sink as the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol take on the nefarious scientist known as Fuu. In the background of two Gogetas emerging against the returning threat from the Dark Demon Dimension, we also bore witness to two of the burliest, most evil Saiyans taking a crack at one another with the original version of Broly battling against the ancient, Evil Saiyan known as Cumber, giving us a short battle that we might never have seen in the main series.

Cumber's origin is something of a mystery, as viewers don't know much about him outside of the fact that he's evil and also is from an ancient time, brought to the present by Fuu to help in his experiments during the Prison Arc of the spin-off. The OG version of Broly from the films seems like the perfect opponent for Cumber, with the Legendary Super Saiyan now able to transform into Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker to give him a massive power-up. While Cumber can only rely on the power of Super Saiyan 3 at present, it seems to put him on an even playing field with one of Dragon Ball Z's biggest villains.

If you have yet to see the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes that continues the battle against Fuu and shares a battle for the ages between two of the most evil Saiyans in the history of the Shonen franchise, you can do so below:

While there are currently no plans to include the original version of Broly who appeared in a number of Dragon Ball Z movies, the new version of the Legendary Super Saiyan will be returning next year in the new film of the Shonen franchise in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, though his role in the movie is still a mystery. With the wild areas that the spin-off has ventured into so far, we could definitely one day see the two versions of Broly face-off, though it would be interesting to see which version would come off victorious.

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