Dragon Ball Revisits the Power of the Dark Dragon Balls

Super Dragon Ball Heroes isn't just bringing back old heroes and villains in the latest arc of the anime, "The Space-Time War Arc", it is also bringing back a big element from both Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT in the Dark Dragon Balls. With these cursed spheres, a wish was made during the Grand Tour that transformed Goku into a child once again and put the entire universe in danger if they weren't all collected, and it seems as if they are once again causing trouble not through a wish, but by fusing with Freeza and Cooler.

In the latest installment of Dragon Ball Heroes, we witnessed a powered-up Freeza and Cooler battling against the unlikely partnership of Goku and Hearts, whose union was formed as they are both looking to stop the nefarious machinations of Fuu, the mad scientist from the Dark Demon Dimension. With the alien siblings gaining a serious power boost as a result of the Dark Dragon Balls, it seems that even these weren't enough for them to even lay a hand on the original Broly, who has a few tricks of his own.

Needless to say, we expect the twisted Dragon Balls to continue to have a large role in the future of the spin-off. Hearts proved himself to be an interesting character right before he was defeated by the fusion character known as Gogeta in an earlier arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Though he had collected a band of nefarious ringers to help him on his journey, he considered his quest to be a noble one, seeking to free mortals from the influence of the gods. With Hearts having returned to stop Fuu and meeting Goku in the new universe that the scientist had created using the power of the Universe Tree, it will be interesting to see if the villain has improved since his demise.

On the flip side of the script, Vegeta now finds himself far from the brawl involving characters old and new to the franchise, pitted against the likes of Turles and Cumber in a handicap match presided over by the mysterious "Masked Saiyan". While most clues point toward this mystery player being none other than Goku Black, we've certainly been surprised before.


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