Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals New Details About Its Latest Mystery Saiyan

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has entered into a brand new arc via its "Space-Time War" and there are plenty of mysteries abounds when it comes to the new threats that are facing Goku and Vegeta from both the main universe and those of the Time Patrol, with details being revealed about the new Masked Saiyan. With two new masked warriors entering the fray, Dragon Ball fans have been wondering just who these Saiyan combatants are and what roles they will play in the spin-off series that has introduced so many new concepts and characters to Akira Toriyama's Shonen franchise.

With the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we see Goku teaming up with an unexpected ally in Hearts, the former villain who was revealed to be on the side of mortals in a bid to free the universe from the influence of the gods. As Hearts states, he is seeking to stop Fuu for his use of the Universal Seed and assists Goku with the Saiyan's fight against the sibling tag team of Freeza and Cooler. In the manga adaptation for this storyline, however, we get more of Hearts as he approaches one of the Masked Saiyans, who is clearly a villainous character hiding in the shadows.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the breakdown of the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Heroes manga, showing Hearts' encounter with the Masked Saiyan, who is able to easily dispatch Freeza and Cooler but definitely has an air of malevolence surrounding him:

The concept of "Masked Saiyans" is nothing new to the world of Dragon Ball Heroes, with past incarnations including the likes of the original Broly, King Vegeta, and Bardock. Though guesses have been running rampant regarding who these two new characters might be, it seems as though Goku Black and Bardock might be the most obvious choices considering their appearances so far in the spin-off anime series.

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