Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Release Date For Next Ultra God Mission

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is number one at the box office, as the Shonen franchise has also recently teamed up with Fortnite for a major crossover and brought back Frieza in the final chapter of Granolah The Survivor Arc. These major headlines aren't the only thing that the Dragon Ball world has going for it, as Super Dragon Ball Heroes is still releasing new episodes of the Ultra God Mission. Now, the spin-off has revealed when fans can expect the next episode to arrive.    

The previous episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was a major one, diving into the background of the darker version of Future Gohan that has partnered with the rogue Kaioshin responsible for the Tournament of Space and Time. Losing his version of Trunks and Bulma while fighting against Androids 17 and 18, this alternate Gohan from the future is hoping to wish upon a set of dragon balls to bring them back from the grave. Receiving a power-up from the main villain of the arc, Future Gohan was able to trade blows with Super Saiyan God Trunks in quite the back and forth. With the Ultra God Mission still in full swing, there are more possibilities of fan service fights taking place.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Fourth Episode will arrive next week on September 1st, with the current title also revealed as "Goku vs The Warrior in Black! To Each his own fight!", hinting that Son will be fighting against a mysterious newcomer during the Tournament of Space And Time. 

The Rogue Kaioshin responsible for the hard times that both the Z-Fighters and the Time Patrol are currently experiencing has put together a band of "Warriors in Black", fighters from different timelines who appear to be the likes of Gohan, Piccolo, and several other mysterious combatants. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is able to scratch an itch for many anime fans by giving viewers fights and characters that would most likely never appear in the main series and it seems as though the spin-off isn't ending its story any time soon.

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