Dragon Ball Cosplayer Brings Bulma's Cutest Look to Life

Dragon Ball's a franchise that's no stranger to fashionable looks for its characters, and there's no better example of this than Bulma. Bulma changes her look at least once an arc, if not multiple times, so fans and artists have tons of inspiration to draw from when it comes to recreating her iconic looks. One of the cutest looks is one of the least seen, surprisingly, as Bulma debuted her long haired casual look during the Garlic Jr. filler arc of the anime. But one fan has paid tribute to it with some great cosplay!

Cosplay artist florasnea shared her take on Bulma's Garlic Jr. saga look to Reddit, and it's been a huge hit with fans as she not only nails the hair length and color, but went the extra mile to make a custom Capsule Corporation shirt to top it all off. Check out the neat take on the less often seen Bulma look below!

Been rewatching the show recently and decided to try to do my own version of what's absolutely my favorite out of all of Bulma's outfits! from r/dbz

Given Bulma's signature role in the franchise, it's pretty surprising that she doesn't really have a "signature look." Despite one of the many tropes of anime manga having characters repeat the same outfits in order to save time, Bulma stands out above it all due to series creator Akira Toriyama experimenting with her look with each of her appearances. This has become one of the central points of her personality, and even works its way into the story officially in a hilarious way.

One of the many reasons the plot of Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie gets off the ground is because Bulma had been gathering the Dragon Balls in order to change her look once more. This didn't throw off fans at all since she's been known to constantly experiment, and seeing how she looks with each new arc of the story has steadily become of the highlights of the series. But fans certainly wouldn't mind seeing this nostalgic longer haired take on her once again. Especially if it leads to more great cosplay!

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