Dragon Ball Meets Rock Lee with This Gohan Crossover

The concept behind Rock Lee in the Naruto franchise is that hard work can make a character better than a "genius" who was born with inherent abilities, so combining him with Dragon Ball Super's Gohan is a change of pace considering he mostly got his power thanks to his genetics, but one fan decided to fuse them together all the same! Though Rock Lee has taken something of a step back from being one of the main ninja participating in the series as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has focused on new leads, Gohan continues to be a major player in Super!

Gohan has had an interesting journey during the Dragon Ball Super series, originally starting off as much weaker than he had once been during the previous series, but training to once again achieve his "Mystic" form during the Tournament of Power arc. Though the anime series might have ended, Gohan continues to be a valuable asset to the Z Fighters during their latest fight against the ancient wizard known as Moro. Rock Lee on the other hand has taken a much more off-screen role, becoming a teacher in Konoha while still maintaining a high level of power that relies on his physicality and his ability to unleash his "gates".

Reddit Artist AnneCQRA shared this hilarious fan art fusion that takes a young Gohan and merges him with the hard hitting hero known as Rock Lee, humorously recalling that both young heroes have similar bowl cut hairstyles that have become trademarks for each of them:

Gohan Lee is waiting to battle! from r/dbz

There has never been official crossover between Dragon Ball and Naruto, outside of the occasional video game such as Jump Force, though we would love to see these two heroes come into contact with one another. The end of Naruto: Shippuden proved just how powerful Rock Lee could become by showing the full power of Might Guy in the final battle against Madara Uchiha. Though the fight resulted in Guy being disabled for life, it showed that by relying simply on physical prowess, he could defeat some of the strongest ninja around!

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