Ronda Rousey Defends Vegeta Online Against Dragon Ball Haters

When it comes to Dragon Ball, the franchise has fans around the world, and Ronda Rousey counts herself amongst them. The professional fighter has earned her own fans during her stints in UFC and the WWE, but there are some who know Rousey for her diehard love of Vegeta. And over on Twitter, the fighter took up arms to defend the Prince of the Saiyans with a fair breakdown.

The whole thing took place after a fan pinged Rousey about a debate going on over Goku, Vegeta, and Ultra Instinct. It seems one Dragon Ball fan felt Gogeta is at a disadvantage compared to Ultra Instinct Goku because the fusion is part Vegeta who is "weaker" than his peer. After reading up on the conversation, Rousey had her own thoughts to share, and they are unashamedly pro-Vegeta.

"Vegeta’s the most interesting, complex and multifaceted character-the writers always give him the shaft cause of he’s of noble birth which people resent and not a “pure” good guy like Goku. The but the PURPOSE of the story is entertainment, Vegeta is the most entertaining so he wins," the fighter shared.

Of course, fans should not be surprised by Rousey and her love for Vegeta. The fighter has never shied away from the Saiyan before, and she has no plans to moving forward. Back in 2015, the UFC superstar admitted she had a big crush on Vegeta, and the Saiyan responded to the revelation. Chris Sabat, the English voice actor behind Vegeta, reacted to the news and said Vegeta wouldn't be "surprised" to learn she was attracted to him.

"I'm so genuinely attractive and extremely strong. She has seen my power level for what it is," Sabat said as Vegeta. "She also scares me."


Clearly, Vegeta has a thing for strong women, and Rousey is the same with her taste. Sadly, the Saiyan is married to Bulma in his universe, but that doesn't mean Rousey cannot defend her man in the real world, whether it is in the ring or on Twitter.

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