Dragon Ball Super Confirms THAT Character is Really Dead

Dragon Ball Super has been busy as of late now that the climax of its ongoing arc is approaching. The manga has had lots to do every month as each of its chapters has helped bring Goku close to perfecting Ultra Instinct. In the most recent chapter, Goku finally reached that level, but it came at a permanent cost.

After all, it seems Goku is being forced to part with Merus for good. The Saiyans confirmed the angel really did die in chapter 63, and fans are still reeling over the angel's emotional death.

For anyone who needs a recap of Dragon Ball Super chapter 64, it all began with Goku as he contemplated the death of his mentor. As you can imagine, the hero was pretty devastated after he watched Merus sacrifice his life to save Universe 7. The angel's last words assured Goku he would be able to reach Ultra Instinct and defeat Moro with ease moving forward. But before Goku could fulfill that prediction, he needed to own up to his friend's untimely end.

(Photo: Viz Media)

"I was saved by Vegeta, Dende too. And in the end, I made Merus give up his life. But he didn't do it for me. He did it for our universe," Goku confirmed while speaking with Jaco.

Not long after that, Goku tells Moro the same when asked about the angel. "Merus doesn't exist anymore which means that beating you is my job. Merus may be gone, but his will lives on in me."


As it turns out, Merus' will is all Goku needed to finish his training with Ultra Instinct. The hero is able to pull out the perfected form on a whim, and Moro was thoroughly beaten by Goku whilst in the state. While this new chapter ends with both breathing, fans are certain Moro's days are numbered, and he will join Merus as a casualty of this Dragon Ball Super arc.

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