Dragon Ball Super: What to Expect From Chapter 68

Dragon Ball Super has been a monthly affair for fans ever since its manga picked up the slack left by the anime. Over the last year, Goku and his friends have thrived in print with an arc of their own. Now, a new year is here to usher in the series' next arc, and readers rightfully want to know what chapter 68 will have in store for them.

Of course, they will find out later this week when Dragon Ball Super puts out the chapter in full. For now, theories are swirling as to what will happen. ComicBook.com is here to suss out the noise surrounding the chapter, and to be blunt, it seems chapter 68 has a lot to offer.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah
(Photo: Shueisha)

At the end of chapter 67, Dragon Ball Super fans were introduced to the main player of this arc when Granolah appeared. It seems the mysterious warrior has managed to track down Seven-Three, and the android has some powers he wants. It seems like Granolah isn't a fighter you would want to take on half-heartedly, and that was proved when Dragon Ball Super put out its draft pages.

A few important notes have been shared from chapter 68, and they set up a great deal of the release. For one, fans are going to learn a lot about Granolah's past in this new chapter and its intertwined path with Planet Vegeta. In fact, it seems Granolah has a grudge against Goku's father, so the Saiyan may get his own Broly soon.


Outside of Granolah, the teaser for Dragon Ball Super chapter 68 confirms Whis and the Oracle Fish will play a part in this arc. Goku and Vegeta are no doubt eager to fine-tune their spirit control, and Whis can help them do that. But if the Oracle Fish decides to pull out another property, well - you can bet Goku and his crew will be hard-pressed to ignore it. Especially if it involves Granolah... which it should.

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