'Dragon Ball Super' Spoiler Teases a Universe 7 Sacrifice

Dragon Ball Super is about to get into some drastic developments as the Tournament of Power comes to an end, and a new spoiler from Weekly Shonen Jump's episode 123 synopsis reveals that Universe 7 will be making a big sacrifice in the final showdown with Universe 11!

Check out the synopsis for Ep. 123:

Goku is finally at full power!! He transforms into Super Saiyan Blue!

Vegeta loses to Jiren without even being able to put up a decent fight. And then Goku finally challenges Jiren! For this final battle, he transforms into full power Super Saiyan Blue!!

Gohan This Week: can he fire at No. 17 along with the enemy?!
No. 17 uses his whole body to stop Toppo from moving, and orders Gohan to defeat them both. However, Gohan hesitates to attack and loses the chance to defeat Toppo...

That description seems to imply that Android 17 will be following the sacrifice of his sister, Android 18, in the latest episode. 17 will lay himself on the line to stop the all-powerful Toppo, presumably using his Android Barrier technique to limit Toppo's movement. The only downside will be the fact that the technique will probably leave Android 17 trapped inside the barrier with Toppo, and after Gohan hesitates to finish the job, Toppo will not only break out of the barrier - he'll probably end up breaking 17, as well.

It's not just another loss for Universe 7 - it's a big loss. Android 17 is ranked by several sources as being the most powerful fighter behind Goku and Vegeta (depending on how you view Gohan). If Toppo takes out 17, and thwarts Universe 7's best attack against him, then it will be officially time to worry, as it will be down the Saiyan trio (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan) and the scheming Freeza to take out Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren. With other spoilers detailing how Goku and Vegeta will have their hands more than full with Jiren, it seems unlikely that Gohan and Freeza can defeat both Dyspo and Toppo.


...Now it makes more sense why there are some drastically big changes in store for Toppo.

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