'Dragon Ball Super' Confirms The Next Universe To Be Annihilated

Warning! Massive spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below!

It took some time, but Dragon Ball Super is finally heading into the Tournament of Power's climax. Universe 2 and Universe 6 were erased after the duo took on Goku's squad, but it looks like another team is going to to shortly.

Sorry, Universe 4. You should not have stepped up to bat so quickly.

Earlier today, a set of brand-new synopses for Dragon Ball Super went live. Translators were quick to turn around the summaries online, and the blurb for episode 120 confirmed Quitela's gang is about to go bye-bye.

"Despite Piccolo accidentally falling from the arena, the warriors of Universe 7 have managed to defeat two tricky opponents, the invisible Gamisaras and the insectoid Damon, resulting in Universe 4's destruction," Animedia's newest issue revealed. "Now only Universes 3, 7, and 11 remain."

If you look at the numbers, it isn't surprising to see Universe 4 on the chopping block. As of the anime's latest episode, there were just three fighters left on Quitela's team. Gamisaras is expected to give Goku's team the most grief when Universe 4 makes its play, but the remaining trio just won't have what it takes to stay in the game.

Of course, Universe 4 will not go down without a fight. The new synopsis confirms Piccolo will be eliminated from the event as well. The ousted Namekian will leave six fighters on Universe 7's team unless another member goes out with Universe 4. Android 18 could easily get swept into a battle and eliminated thanks to her bum ankle, so audiences will want to keep a close eye on the heroine moving forward.


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