Dragon Ball Animator Turns Cats into Super Saiyans with New Clip

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans know what it takes to go Super Saiyan, and the form isn't one you can master overnight. Universe 7 has come a long way with the form, and there are tons of Super Saiyan versions out there. The variants are directly thanks to all-star animators from the anime. And thanks to one of them, fans can enjoy a hilarious video that allows two playful cats to tap into their inner Saiyan.

The piece comes courtesy from Yuya Takahashi who helped animate Dragon Ball Super in part. The animator worked on some key episodes towards the end of the anime, and they also provided art for the show's opening. They have quite an eye for flashy animation, and Takahashi has turned his eye from Goku to their cats as of late.

You can check out the reel which Takahashi posted to social media the other day. The artist filmed a short clip of his cats sparring one evening, and the whole ordeal is adorable. The cats are seen chasing one another around a curtain, and Takahashi decided to turn this battle into one that is befitting of a Saiyan.

Sure, these cats might not have the Super Saiyan hair going on, but they have Dragon Ball auras and lightning fast moves. The fight looks pretty epic thanks to Takahashi's animation addition, and things get even wilder when the ground starts to drift towards the sky. This kind of damage is often shown when Goku goes all out on the battlefield, but it is up to you to decide which of these cats have earned his name. As for the other, well - someone always has to be Vegeta.

What do you think about this Super Saiyan makeover? Would you watch an anime about Takahashi's wild cats? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.