Dragon Ball Will Give Broly a New Form Soon

Over the years, fans have come to know Broly rather well. Dragon Ball introduced the fighter some time ago, and his first outing was less than heroic. These days, the figure has become somewhat of a good guy thanks to his official canon entry with Dragon Ball Super. Of course, the franchise can still have fun with the Saiyan in its non-canon pursuits, and Dragon Ball Heroes has taken that liberty to an extreme. That is why Broly is gunning for a new power boost, and fans are eager to learn more about his upcoming form.

Dragon Ball fans know a lot about Broly, and they are well aware the Saiyan is never going away. Despite the character's controversial history, Broly has been welcomed into the Dragon Ballcanon with open arms. He still enjoys non-canon quests every so often, and Dragon Ball Heroes is responsible for those adventures most the time. And thanks to a new tease, it seems Broly is about to learn a new form in the spin-off series.

The update comes after a tenth-anniversary panel honoring Dragon Ball Heroes. The event not only shared a new episode of the PR anime but also confirmed a new Limit Break form is coming.

You can see the teaser above, and well - it is hard to misinterpret what is going on. The poster shows a character blacked out with a giant question mark over them. Dragon Ball Heroes doesn't want to let the secret out too early, but it promises a new character will learn the form in Big Bang Mission 6. And as you can clearly see, this poster's silhouette is of Broly.


Yes, that is right. Broly is about to get another power boost, and it will push his Super Saiyan 4 form to the limit. After all, the Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker form is nothing to laugh at. Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta can attest to its power. The pair were able to push back against Janemba thanks to this power, and Cumber was also bested by the form. Now, it seems Broly is destined to assume the form, and fans are eager to see how it boosts his power level.

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