Dragon Ball Super: Here's When the Moro Arc Will End

Dragon Ball Super has kept fans entertained this year with its current arc, but all stories must come to an end. Goku's journey will live on in a new arc next year, but Moro is about to bring his time to a close. After all, Dragon Ball Super warned fans it would finish its ongoing arc before the year ended, and it seems that promise is coming true.

Recently, Dragon Ball posted an update on the manga at its official website. It was there fans learned the exact date the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc will end. The final chapter will be released on December 20 with chapter 67.

The update comes after fans spent weeks giving their best guess about the finale. It wasn't long ago Dragon Ball Super teased fans that the climax of Moro's battle was on its way. Now, they know the baddie will be dealt with just in time for the holidays, so that is a treat in itself!

According to the update, Dragon Ball Super will finish up Moro's battle in its next chapter, and that will go live later the month. November 20 marks the release date of chapter 66, so there are only a few days left to go. In fact, fans got a peek at chapter 66 this weekend when several storyboards for Dragon Ball Super went live. They promise Vegeta will return to battle before Moro is obliterated, so we're crossing our fingers the Saiyan gets a worthy comeback.

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