'Dragon Ball Super' Artist Shares Special Majin Artwork

Acclaimed Dragon Ball artist Toyotaro has shared his drawing of a character that never made it [...]

Acclaimed Dragon Ball artist Toyotaro has shared his drawing of a character that never made it into the series proper, explaining that he comes from Akira Toriyama himself.

Toyotaro is the author and artist behind the Dragon Ball Super manga. He has been working within the Dragon Ball for years, officially starting in 2012. He has worked directly with Toriyama, the series' creator, to ensure that his manga adaptations have the authenticity fans expect.

Earlier this week, he revealed his take another character from behind the scenes of Dragon Ball named Majin Ozotto. According to a translation by Todd Blankenship on Twitter, the character was designed by Toriyama himself for an event that never came to be.

"I don't really know that much about him," Toyotaro explained on the official Dragon Ball site, according to Blankenship. "He's a cool-looking character though, so I look forward to seeing what he'll do next."

Majin Ozotto cut an intimidating figure in Toyotaro's drawing. He wears a wicked grin and each hand has three thumb-like fingers, ending in a long black talon. Ozotto has three eyes and two horns, and an armored body reminiscent of Cell.

As fans might imagine, Ozotto is depicted in shades of pink when drawn in color. While it is unclear whether he falls into the canon in any way, Ozotto has had a couple of scant appearances in Dragon Ball media before. Most notably, he was a featured character in Dragon Ball Z: Virtual Reality Versus for the Sega System 32 arcade platform. The 1994 game had a loose plot that placed Majin Ozotto's appearance during the nine day wait for the Cell Games to begin.

In that story, Ozotto simply arrives on Earth in search of a strong warrior to fight. He fills the time before the epic battle with Cell, and serves as a nod to Toriyama's self-referential art style.

Ozotto also shows up in Super Dragon Ball Heroes -- both in the manga and the anime. He also has an entry in the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Super History Book, which details his transformation into a fatter, four-handed state.

Ozotto is a part of the Majin race, a magical race of beings that exists throughout Toriyama's work. The design for Ozotta may reveal that he intended to bring the Majin concept into his work much sooner, or planned for more the creatures to exist than just the various forms of Buu.

There's no telling how Ozotto or other Majin characters could factor into future Dragon Ball releases, as the franchise's future is somewhat uncertain. For now, we can expect that he will not show up in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which premieres on Dec. 14 in Japan. The movie will make its way over to the U.S. some time in January of 2019.