Dragon Ball Super Art Shows Why Broly Looks Better Bearded

Dragon Ball Super: Broly re-introduced the fan-favorite character of Broly into official Dragon Ball canon with a major stylistic overhaul. That "Shintani Style" is causing a sort of revolution in the Dragon Ball fandom, but today we have another Dragon Ball Super stylistic revolution that's beginning: Bearded Broly. Thanks to a new piece of DBS fan art, a bearded version of Broly is going viral with fans, who seem to really love the big man's burlier look. Naturally, there's now hopes that some future Dragon Ball Super stories could turn this piece of fan-artwork into a nice Easter egg nod:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly re-introduced the berserker Saiyan as a more tragic anti-hero figure, with a retconned origin about his connections to Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza. Since Broly was actually more of a central character (instead of a force of nature like in the original Dragon Ball Z: Broly film), it was understandable why he was designed to be clean-shaven. Despite his size, the new Broly was very childlike due to the limited development he had mentally and socially while being raised on the remote Planet Vampa by his father, Paragus. That younger-looking face made Broly feel innocent even when he went into full-on berserker Super Saiyan mode.

However, now that Dragon Ball Super: Broly spared Broly from destruction (like in the original film), the character has literal and figurative room to grow within the Dragon Ball Super universe. Last we saw, Broly returned to Planet Vampa to live with his new friends (and Freeza Force deserters) Cheelai and Lemo. Goku provided them with Capsule Corp comforts, but Vampa is still a pretty savage planet, regardless. Bearded Broly would be a great ode to both his father and his growth since the events of Broly movie.

More to the point: Bearded Broly is the kind of rugged signal many would love that Broly had really stepped into manhood by finally getting with Cheelai - a 'ship that fans have been stanning since the movie dropped. Finally: Broly just flat-out looks better when he's rocking a beard.

It's a proud tradition for Dragon Ball's Saiyans to sport some facial hair - like when Goku and Vegeta go overboard with their training.


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