'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Synopsis Sets Up Curious Paragus Alliance

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will officially be bringing fan-favorite foe Broly into the series, but fans have been wondering just how the new Broly would be integrated into the story along with a new take on his father, Paragus.

A new synopsis for the film has leaked appeared onto a Columbian theater website that clues fans into more of its plot, and it reveals a little more of Paragus and his curious alliance with Freeza.

Altering Paragus a bit from the original incarnation of the character, the new film will explore Broly on Planet Vegeta before being sent to a far away planet, "41 years ago, the King of Planet Vegeta had a baby...The King was so proud of his latent ability as a powerful warrior. At the same time, his loyal military right-hand Paragus, also had a baby called Broly. That baby had a potential even bigger than Prince Vegeta, so the jealous king sent him to a dark and far planet in a space capsule."

The rest of the synopsis (which features some odd wording due to translating from Japanese, to Spanish, to English) teases how Paragus comes to Earth with Broly thanks to a new alliance with the resurrected Freeza. He chased after Broly, but the two of them were stuck on a distant planet when they crash land unexpectedly, "The furious Paragus betrayed King Vegeta and went after his beloved son, whom he found on a stormy planet. Paragus lost his only way back home when his spaceship crashed in the landing, so he and Broly remained alone for decades without hope."

Soon Freeza's army stumbles on the two Saiyans stuck out in space, and it seems Paragus strikes up a deal with Freeza when the tyrant takes note of Broly's power, "a patrol from Freeza's army finds Paragus and Broly on the edge of the galaxy and takes them to Freeza, who creates a new and powerful battalion. Surprised by the highly trained battle power of Broly, Freeza 'waves the bloody shirt' of Paragus and goes to an arctic place on Earth where a Dragon Ball is detected."


If the synopsis proves correct, Paragus is only brought along to Earth because of his son Broly. Their alliance with Freeza seems tenuous at best, and may fall apart when Paragus learns of what Freeza did to Planet Vegeta. Though the closer connection between the two will undoubtedly be one of the main plots of the film.

Fans will see if this synopsis pans out soon enough as Dragon Ball Super: Broly officially launches in Japan this December, and Austraila and New Zealand in January. Funimation will be bringing the film to theaters in the United States on January 16th, and fans are currently waiting to find out which theaters the film will release in.