Dragon Ball Super Sees Gohan Give a Shout Out to Ultra Instinct Goku

Dragon Ball Super fans have been eagerly waiting for the moment that would redeem Gohan ever since [...]

Dragon Ball Super fans have been eagerly waiting for the moment that would redeem Gohan ever since his fall from fighting grace following the Majin Buu saga. There's been a demand for Gohan to jump back into the fold, and the Tournament of Power arc of the series provided some of this. But the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has already set up Gohan for a bright future. Especially when he managed to fight off a killer new android enemy thanks to a tactic that fans once saw Ultra Instinct Goku use in the Tournament of Power.

Chapter 54 of the series sees Gohan start off against Android Seven-Three with a powerful set of moves, but when the android tries to fight back Gohan decides to end things with a Kamehameha Wave he built up while dodging around much like Ultra Instinct Goku used in his fights against Kefla and Jiren.

The manga's version of the Tournament of Power unfolded differently than the anime, but the two have had a few similarities in how they're presented. Which means that this Kamehameha Wave was a fun tactic that could be a coincidence, but is still a fun shout out. As Seven-Three tries to grab ahold of Gohan's neck, Gohan focuses on dodging and darting around.

But as he dodges around, Gohan pays close attention to the incoming attacks and doesn't lose his concentration while building up power. But even with this fun technique, it remains ineffective as it turned out that Seven-Three had stashed one of Moro's powers. So while Goku was able to put this Kamehameha Wave tactic to good use in his fights, unfortunately it didn't work out so well for Gohan.

Still, this was a great example of how much Gohan has grown since fans have last seen him in action. This could be prepping us for an even greater Gohan in the future, and this is something we have been waiting for a long time. As Moro now sets his sights on Earth, it can't just be Goku and Vegeta fighting back considering just how strong all of his cronies are. Gohan, now Earth's strongest protector, is going to need to put in work as well. Smart tactics like this will go a long way.

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