Dragon Ball Super Plants Death Flag for Dende

Dragon Ball has always had someone watching over the Earth, but the word is out on how well the overseers do. Back in the day, Kami took good care of the planet before merging with Piccolo, and Earth has been taken care of by Dende since then. The poor guy has seen the planet go through a lot, and thanks to a recent update, fans are feeling nervous about Dende's dying all thanks to Moro.

To dig into the issue, you need to read chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super. The update follows Moro as the villain shows Vegeta who the boss is, and he even manages to copy the Saiyan and his abilities. This dangerous move makes Moro stronger than any of the Z-Fighters including Goku, and Dende is forced to make a tough decision in light of the situation.

He has no choice but to go down to the battle to heal his comrades. Dende is no match for Moro nor is anyone else on Earth. If he does not lend aid, the world will be destroyed, but Dende knows Moro will not let him heal Vegeta that easily.

dragon ball super dende

"I can go and restore their energy," Dende tells the gang as they watch the fight from above. When the god is confronted, the admits going down to the battlefield is very risky, but he sees no other choice.

"As Earth's god, I can't just sit back and do nothing. Esca, Mr. Popo, take care of things here."


As you can imagine, thee two are terrified for Dende, and they have every reason to be. Moro is a force of nature, and he could easily kill Dende if he wants. But if the god wants to save Earth from annihilation, Dende has to accept that possibility for the sake of his friends. It seems like the god is safe for now thanks to a certain angel's appearance, so here's to hoping Dende keeps out of the fray for good.

What do you make of the chapter's Dende tease? Do you think the Namekian will be fine or put his life on the line in Dragon Ball? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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