Dragon Ball Super Reveals Bardock's Thoughts on Raditz with New Sketch

Bardock and Raditz may be long dead within the story of the Dragon Ball franchise, but a new sketch from an animator that is currently bringing to life Dragon Ball Super in Toyotaro imagines what the son of Goku thinks of the black sheep of the family in the Saiyan destroyer that kicked off the series of Dragon Ball Z. While Bardock was given an additional adventure in an original animation that saw him travelling through time and becoming a Super Saiyan, the original deaths of both father and son have had a huge impact on the world created by Akira Toriyama.

Raditz and Bardock recently made appearances in the feature length film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, taking us into the past of the Planet Vegeta and showing the final days of Goku's father, as well as the early days of Son's brother as he travelled the universe along side Vegeta and Nappa. Though we haven't gotten much insight into how Bardock officially felt about Raditz, or in fact have ever had a scene where they appear together, we would imagine that the evil sibling of Goku would leave a lasting impression on their father. Perhaps one day in the future, we'll get a Son family reunion!

Twitter User DBSHype shared the new sketch from Dragon Ball artist, Toyotaro, showing Bardock mulling over his elder son, thinking how Raditz will one day come to blows with Goku, dying in the process and signaling the arrival of his fellow Saiyans in Vegeta and Nappa which would kick off the Saiyan Saga:

Bardock and Raditz do have the perfect opportunity to appear in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, as the outside of continuity story has brought back fan favorite villains such as Turles, Bojack, and others. In fact, in previous entries of the series via the arcade animations, the two have made appearances so it's definitely not out of the question.

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