Dragon Ball Super Preview Revives Moro's Worst Attack

Dragon Ball Super is days away from dropping a new chapter, and fans are eager to see what the update has in store. The manga's most recent drop had fans shaking their heads at Goku after the hero underestimated Moro one too many times. And thanks to his mistake, it seems the manga is ready to bring back one of Moro's worst attacks.

Fans were let in on the secret when a special sneak-peek was given for chapter 66. Several draft pages were released from the upcoming chapter, and Dragon Ball Super did not hold back with the tease. In fact, the storyboard updated fans on Vegeta and Gohan after their crew is healed, but they discover Moro is already trying to take them out from afar.

If you guessed the technique already, then kudos! Moro is about to bring back the technique that allows him to drain energy from people and their planet. The baddie has better access than ever to the global population after merging his body with Earth, and the manga preview shows the public wilting under his control.

Vegeta is quick to warn the group about Moro's power, and the Z-Fighters shoot up into the air to avoid being drained. But for everyone else on Earth, they are not so lucky. If they are to live and regain their vitality, Goku is going to have to stop toying with Moro. The Saiyan needs to take out the villain before he can do serious damage to the planet, and with Vegeta's arrival teased in this Dragon Ball Super promo, fans are certain Goku is about to have some sense knocked into him.

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