Did Dragon Ball Super Just Reveal Uub Has God Ki?

Issue 49 of the Dragon Ball Super manga takes us into the climatic act of the 'Galactic Patrol [...]

Issue 49 of the Dragon Ball Super manga takes us into the climatic act of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, as Goku and Vegeta team up with Majin Buu (and Buu's fused Grand Supreme Kai persona) for a final battle with evil sorcerer Moro. Besides all of the epic action in the issue, we also got some important reveals about Majin Buu's power, and its connection to his Dragon Ball Z past!

For fans with sharp memories, the Buu Saga ran quite long through Dragon Ball Z, and featured many different forms of the pink demon, depending on who he had absorbed at any given point. By far the strongest of these forms was the Buu who was just pure Buu - a childlike version of the villain known as "Kid Buu." Well, Dragon Ball Super issue 49 reveals just why Kid Buu was so strong - and it's a game-changing revelation, indeed!

The Grand Supreme Kai (Daikaioh) who is fused inside Fat Buu takes charge in the fight against Moro, as Goku and Vegeta can't fight the villain in space, due to the limits of their Saiyan powers. With Daikaioh being the one who first defeated Moro and sealed away his magic 10,000,000 years before, the evil sorcerer takes special joy in the rematch battle, now that his magic is restored. It doesn't take long for Moro to realize he has Daikaioh Buu totally outclassed, and can't help taunting his nemesis: "Did someone steal your power, and reduce you to that pink piggish form from earlier?"

A particularly hard hit from Moro literally knocks Daikaioh Buu back into his memories, to the moment when Goku destroyed Kid Buu with a Super Spirit Bomb, during the finale of Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga. That vision gives Daikaioh an important insight: "I see. When he was obliterated, so was my power."

Galactic Patrol Elite Officer Merus breaks the situation down further to Goku and Vegeta during Daikaioh Buu's battle with Moro, after Vegeta wonders if, "the god power was passed on to the evil half of Buu?"

Accodring to Merus: "Because the good Buu inherited the Great Lord of Lord's physical appearance, I assumed he received the god power as well, but maybe that power went to Evil Buu instead."

Goku sums it up, thusly: "That little guy had actual god power in him?"

It now makes so much more sense why Kid Buu was such a big threat in the Dragon Ball Z era, before Goku and Vegeta learned about the full hierarchy of the gods, or the godly ki power of kais, destroyers, and eventually the Saiyans' own Super Saiyan Godly energy. It also opens some pretty big doors to the franchise's future, as this reveal also reframes some other big parts of the Buu Saga. The biggest one that fans are now buzzing about is Uub, the human reincarnated form of Kid Buu. We now know Uub is capable of true godly power, which suddenly makes him an important figure in the Dragon Ball Super universe!

Do you think Uub is making a comeback soon?

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