Dragon Ball Super Introduces a New Eternal Dragon

Dragon Ball fans might say the series doesn't focus enough on its wish-granting relics, but the franchise is hoping to change that soon enough. After all, the manga just went live with a new chapter this month, and it brought the Dragon Balls into the limelight. Not only have a new set of balls appeared, but there is a new dragon overseeing the precious relics. And as it turns out, this new wish-granting serpent is unlike any we have seen before.

Dragon Ball Super made the big revelation when its most recent release went live. Chapter 69 took fans everywhere by surprise as the meaty update shed some big secrets. There is a new Namekian in town, and Beerus made a stunning revelation about himself and Freeza which no one saw coming. And now, there is also a new dragon named Toronbo to contend with.

The dragon debuted at the end of chapter 69 after Granolah managed to summon the Eternal Dragon. He did so after the new Cereal Dragon Balls were reunited without the knowledge of their creator. With the two relics in hand, Granolah summoned Toronbo to fulfill his wish, and this serpent is very different from Shenon.

While their shape and size are familiar, Toronbo has a snake-like head with fins spreading out to the sides similar to an axolotl. The dragon has similar fins running down its spine, and a pair of truncated limbs can be found on Toronbo's belly. From his face to scales, everything about this new dragon differs from Shenron, and Toronbo is even unique amongst the rest of the franchise's dragons.


After all, there are quite a few dragons in the Dragon Ball Universe. If you count canon and non-canon mirrors alike, there are dozens of dragons out there. Guys like Shenron and Porunga may be known the best, but that doesn't mean they exist in isolation. There are tons of them out there, and now, fans know there could be even more lurking in the multiverse.

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