Dragon Ball Narrator and Voice Actor Joji Yanami Dies at 90

The Dragon Ball community has come together today to remember one of their own. A new report from Japan has gone public confirming the death of a beloved Dragon Ball Z cast member. Joji Yanami passed away this month at the age of 90, leaving fans to remember his various gigs on the show including narrator. 

Nikkan Sports shared the news this morning that Yanami had passed away on December 3rd. The news was confirmed by Aoni Production, the talent agency that represented Yanami so years. The company said it was at a loss over the actor's death and thanked Yanami for being so kind to all of its staff.

As for Yanami's legacy, the actor leaves behind a lot of important work and roles that fans will know easily enough. He is best known for working on Dragon Ball as he began narrating the original anime in 1986. He went on to narrate Dragon Ball Z and even returned for Dragon Ball Super and several films. During this time, Yanami was also brought into the character cast as he voiced Dr. Briefs, King Kai, Dr. Frappe, Bobbidi, and more.

Unfortunately, Yanami did end up leaving Dragon Ball Super before the show finished in 2018. The actor went on an extended break following 2015, leaving the anime to recast its narrator and side characters. This break marked Yanami's eventual retirement, and he left behind other important gigs. After all, Yanami had also worked on Astro Boy, GeGeGe no Kitaro, Inuyasha, and more. 

Our thoughts are with Yanami's loved ones during this difficult time. May he rest in peace.