Dragon Ball Super Editor Teases Climax of Granolah Arc

The Granolah Arc is the latest storyline in Dragon Ball Super which has yet to hit the anime series proper, following the story of the intergalactic bounty hunter who has a bone to pick with the Saiyan race. With the latest chapter revealing that a new strongest being in the universe has been chosen thanks to a wish made by the Heeters using Cereal's Dragon Balls, it seems that the conclusion of this arc might take place sooner than many thought. 

The Granolah Arc, for those who haven't been following Dragon Ball Super's manga, introduces readers to a new threat in the intergalactic bounty hunter of the same name, who has an ax to grind with the Saiyans for the loss of his race, the Cerealians. Using his planet's Dragon Balls to become the strongest being in the universe, Granolah was pitted against both Goku and Vegeta as a part of a nefarious plan concocted by the criminal organization known as the Heeters. Though Vegeta was able to sport a new transformation known as Ultra Ego, it wasn't enough to bring down the final member of the Cerealian race, who has lost his spot as the strongest being in the universe thanks to a wish by the Heeters.

During this year's Jump Festa, the editor of Dragon Ball Super, Victory Uchida, took the opportunity to share the fact that the Granolah Arc was set to come to a close next year, meaning that there are most likely only a handful of chapters left involving the intergalactic bounty hunter and the criminal organization seeking to take over Frieza's armies:

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super is set to land in only a few days, with the Heeter known as Gas currently battling against Goku as Vegeta hands over a Senzu Bean to Granolah in a twist of fate. With previews of the next installment hinting that Granolah is set to have a rematch with one of the aliens responsible for the death of his people, the manga series is sure to have some big battles before the latest storyline makes its current call.

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